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Artist Sign Up

To sign up as an artist, please copy and paste this information as a comment. As with author signups, you don't have to have an LJ to participate, but we do need a way to contact you.

Comments are screened to protect e-mail privacy.


Beta Volunteer Form

All fics for the Kadam Big Bang MUST be beta'd before being posted. But have no fear if you don't have a regular beta for your Kadam fics! Just browse through our wonderful volunteers, pick someone you think might work, and have at it! Think of this as a matchmaking post for writers and betas.

For Volunteers: Please copy & past the info in the text box, and comment to this post

Brainstorming Post

Feel free to share ideas with fellow Kadam fans, plot out preliminary ideas, or leave a prompt in hopes that it inspires someone! (If you leave a prompt, please reply to the comment thread labled "Prompts", so we can keep things organized.)

This post will be open throughout the challenge, as a place to gather for support, or just to chat.

We will also have several write-ins throughout the challenge, and possibly a mibbit chat set-up. Info on that to come, and will be posted to the community.


What is the Kadam Big Bang?
A Big Bang is a challenge that pairs up authors and artists to create a body of work for the Big Bang's theme. Fics must be at least 15,000 words. For art guidelines, please refer below. The Kadam Big Bang is centered around Kurt Hummel and Adam Crawford, and the relationship (romantic or platonic) between them must be the main focus of the fic and art.
How do I sign up?
All sign-ups begin on April 1st, 2013. Sign-ups for authors will close on June 1st, 2013. Sign-ups for artists will close on July 1st. There will be separate posts in the community closer to the sign-up dates, with instructions.
Can I sign-up as a writer and artist?
YES! But try not to over extend yourself.
Can I co-write with someone?
Yes, but both writers will need to comment to the author sign-up post and note that they're co-writing with so-and-so.
What kind of art do you accept?
Anything! Traditional art, digital art, graphics, manips and fanmixes are all welcome. Artists providing a graphics package should include at least one icon, a banner in two sizes, and a piece of cover art. Artist submitting a fanmix should include a downloadable mix of at least seven songs with front and back cover art. Artists submitting traditional or digital artwork should include 2+ pieces of artwork.
What are the story requirements?
All fics for the Big Bang should be at least 15,000 words. They should also be stand-alone fics, and not published prior to the Big Bang posting period. Fics should focus on Kurt Hummel and Adam Crawford, and the relationship between them. There are no limitations as to side or past pairings, but Kadam should be the main bulk of romantic interaction. If writing platonic or gen Kadam, they should still be the main characters and any side romance with them should not overshadow their relationship. Canon and AU fics are both welcome.
Can I use a story I'm already working on?
As long as it hasn't been published anywhere on the 'net (aside from short preview snippets), and you write at least 15,000 new words during the duration of the challenge.
Can I write more than one story?
Sure, as long as both meet the fic requirements by the due date.
What if I have to drop?
That's fine! Just let us know. There is no penalty for dropping before the Artist Claim Date. If you have to drop after that, you might be disqualified from the next Kadam Big Bang.
Where will the stories and artwork be posted?
All stories and their accompanying art should be posted to Archive of Our Own as an addition to the Kadam Bang Collection, with a header linking to your story posted at kadambigbang. Posting instructions and schedule will be outlined later in the challenge. If you do not have an AO3 account, please contact the mods for an invite code. Please do not cross-promote your works until the bang is completed.
I'm an artist! How do I claim a story?
An Artist Claim Post will go up on July 15th. Fics with at least 7500 words will have summaries posted, and claims will be first come, first served. All artists will be allowed to claim one story to start with, until all fics have been claimed. Once all stories have been claimed once, we will open claims again for any artists who would like to do art for more than one story.
Do I have a Livejournal/AO3 account to participate
For authors, the answer is yes. Both a livejournal and AO3 account are required for posting the final fic. This is to keep the posting format consistent accross the Bang, and to allow readers access to the fics for years to come. As an artist, however, an LJ/AO3 account is not required. Your works can be hosted in any location mutually desirable to you and your author, and embedded/linked within the work in the most appropriate fashion. We do need a way of contacting you, but email is fine.
What is a checkpoint?
Checkpoints are simply designed to check-in with each other, share short snippets with fellow participants and generally not feel overwhelmed by the Big Bang experience. There are no official word counts for each check-in, with the exception of the 3rd Checkpoint on July 1st, at which time rough drafts are due with at least 7500 words.
What do I do when I'm finished with my fic/art?
Only author's rough drafts are required to be submitted to the mods. Those should be sent by July 1st, in order to be included in the Artist Claim Post. The final checkpoint is August 1st, at which time a post will go up in the community asking authors to comment with their final word count, if their artists' art is complete and any date between August 15th and September 1st that they can't post. At that point, a final posting schedule will be arranged. This particular guideline may be revised in the future.
How will posting work?
On their scheduled date, authors will make a master post in the KBB journal, with links to their fic on AO3 and an art masterpost (either on the artist's LJ or Tumblr). All art should be embedded or linked within the fic in addition to an art masterpost. If you require help on how to embed art, let us know and we can walk you through it. Authors may also post a master post in their LJ and Tumblr, but please do not crosspost to any communities until after the Big Bang finishes.

I will respond as soon as I can.


April 1st: Sign-Ups Begin
May 1st: First Checkpoint
June 1st: Second Checkpoint / Author Sign-Ups Close
July 1st: Third Checkpoint / Rough Drafts Due (7500 words or more) / Artist Sign-Ups Close
July 15th: Artist Claims
August 1st: Final Checkpoint (Mandatory for everyone)
August 15th: Posting Begins
Sept 15th: Posting Ends (approx; date will be revised based on how many submissions there are)

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