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[sticky post] Artist Claim Post

This post will go live on Sunday, August 25th at 11am EST

Authors, if your work isn't listed it's because I didn't see it come through my email, or you didn't comment at this post. If you'd like your work included, and it has at least 7500 words and can be finished by September 15th, please reply to that post and I will add it into this one.

Fic Title: The Fabric of Dreams
Word Count: approx 17,800
Summary: When Adam inherits the contents of an old theatre, he and Kurt discover more than old costumes and props
Warnings: none
Preferred Art: any
Fic Title: Not So New Jersey (Working title)
Word Count: 27,000 so far
Summary: As Kurt finishes up his first year at NYADA and Adam prepares for the school's Graduate course, they both receive an amazing opportunity. Will it bring them closer together or throw all of their future plans - both personal and professional - into chaos?
Warnings: Chapter 6 is basically nothing but an explicit Adult Kadam bedroom scene.
Preferred Art: Traditional (the rest of the request contains a fic spoiler, will share with the artist who chooses it)
Fic Title: Starting Anew
Word Count: Currently 22702 Words
Warnings: N/A
Summary: AU - Kurt actually did a good job at spying on the Warblers. Thus, he ends up burning a few bridges there before they even had a chance to be built. When things go too far, Kurt shuts down. He ends up transferring out to live with his grandparents in New York. While near the campus to his dream college, a cute British guy strikes up a conversation with him.
Preferred Art: Anything you want to do, really. I do prefer sketches and scenes from the story, but I'm really not picky.

Fic Title: Sweet Porcelain
Word Count: 757
Warnings: None
Summary: Kurt and Adam meet one summer and become best friends. They grow up together every summer after, help each other through the good and bad times. When Adam finally comes to the States permanently for NYADA, he plans to tell Kurt how he feels. Except...Kurt has vanished and no one told him. And then things take a twist Adam never expected.
Preferred Art: No real preference at this point

Claiming Instructions:

C&P this form, and post it as a comment to this thread when the post goes live. Each fic at least once, with a total of two artists per fic allowed (as we have more artists signed up than fics submitted). Comments are screened, and I will e-mail you with your official fic and author's contact info.



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