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[sticky post] Artist Claim Post

This post will go live on Sunday, August 25th at 11am EST

Authors, if your work isn't listed it's because I didn't see it come through my email, or you didn't comment at this post. If you'd like your work included, and it has at least 7500 words and can be finished by September 15th, please reply to that post and I will add it into this one.

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Claiming Instructions:

C&P this form, and post it as a comment to this thread when the post goes live. Each fic at least once, with a total of two artists per fic allowed (as we have more artists signed up than fics submitted). Comments are screened, and I will e-mail you with your official fic and author's contact info.

A Head's Up For Authors

HI GUYS! I'm so fucking sorry for dropping the ball once again on this. There's no excuse good enough so I'm just going to get right to the point:

Thank you to everyone who sent me their rough drafts! Even if you didn't, if you now have at least 7500 words pay attention to this post! (I'll send an email out with a link as well, even to people who dropped)

Please fill out the following info, so I can make the artist claim post! Fill it out by 11:59pm EST (GMT -6) on the 16th to have your fic included in the claim post

Since there have been such awful delays, I've redone the dates for the rest of the challenge:

Author Claims: August 17th - August 24th
Final Fic & Art Due: Sept 15th (if this isn't long enough, we can make adjustments)
Posting Begins: Sept 16th (method tba)

Once again, I'm terribly sorry for the delays, especially to the authors who have worked so hard to finish within the original deadlines, and the artists who have been patiently waiting to claim fic! I can't wait to see and read everything on offer!

Template: (C&P, comments are screened)

Rough Drafts

Wow you guys! I'm so sorry I dropped the ball on this!!

To submit your rough drafts, please send a .doc or .txt file to queenofbabble24@gmail.com, with the following information. Please send an email even if your draft is not done. Any fic that has at least 7500 words will be included in the artist claim post, which I will put up on the 15th as planned. (Artist sign-ups extended through the 14th.)

Name: LJ name or Tumblr, whatever you signed up with
Fic Title:
Preferred Art: (no promises, but it will give artists as starting spot)
Word Count:

Please make sure to fill out all this info, as it's the info that will be included in the claim post.

Please send the email no later than July 10th, 11:59pm EST. The preview for the art claim post will go up on July 14th no later than 5pm EST, and will open for claiming at 9am on July 15th

First Checkpoint

WOW. I really dropped the ball getting this up. I'm so sorry!

This is an optional checkpoint for all the authors. Just comment with a general sense of how your story is going, if you're having any problems, or need anything from me or the community!

Also feel free to use this as a brainstorm post, and to share snippets of your fic!

Word Wars Tomorrow Night


Tomorrow (Saturday, April 20th), 7pm EST. Be there or be square. That’s an order.

(What are word wars you ask? Well, it’s simple: a group of people gather together, and write. That’s it. That’s the job. We go for several hours, in 20 - 30 minute intervals, with 10-15 minute breaks in between.)

How to play: Click the link. Enter a nickname (your tumblr or LJ name will do). Type #fyeahwordwars in the channel. And viola! Chat time!

Who: ANYONE, in any fandom, any pairing. Seriously, as long as you agree to remain civil and come prepared to write (even if your word count ends up zero, you should come prepared to spend some quality time with your keyboard).

Pass the link on to your friends if you like. :)

Weekend Write In


I'm not sure when I'd get a chance to open the posts tomorrow, so they're officially open a few hours early. Happy Easter!

Author Sign-Ups

Artist Sign-Ups

Beta Volunteers

And as always, questions should go to the Mod Drop Box

Rule Change: (as of 3/31) Due to a few requests, the mandatory requirement for authors to have an LJ has been waived. When it comes time for posting, those without an LJ will have access to a Kadam Big Bang dummy account to post from. An LJ is still preferable, but no longer required.

The Flash Fic/Art-athon is still open

Flash Fic/Art-Athon #1

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Post open through March 31st!


Mod Drop Box

If you have any questions, please ask them here. I'll respond as soon as I can. :)

(I have my LJ set up not to receive notifications from posts I make in communities, but I do have this post tracked and I'll check it at least once a day. Questions left on other posts may not be received in a timely manner. You're also welcome to PM me, or leave an ask on my tumblr. By the weekend I'll have a Kadam BB Tumblr set up, as well as a mod e-mail.)

This is also the post to comment to if you need an AO3 invite, or have invite codes you're willing to share.

Author Sign Up

due to a couple of requests, you needn't have an LJ to sign up as an author. Will create an LJ dummy account from which to post fic links at the time of posting. An LJ is still preferable, but not mandatory.

To sign up as an author, please copy and paste this info into an LJ comment. Comments are screened to protect email addresses.

CO-AUTHOR: (if any)